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We've Got Tonight (Drama / Romance)

Log Line

We've Got Tonight is a hard edged medical drama about a masochistic oncologist who specializes in the treatment of patients who other doctors have diagnosed as terminal and given up on. His controversial treatment, although extremely painful and often times fatal, is the last chance for his dying patients.

Script Info

Script Type: Feature
Genre: Drama / Romance
Length: 110 pages
Est. Budget: Less than $1M

Screenplay Synopsis

"WE'VE GOT TONIGHT" is the story of a feverishly hard working oncologist who works on the fringe of the medical community, specializing in the treatment of patients who other doctors have diagnosed as "terminal." The aggressive treatment program begins with a near fatal dosage of chemotherapy, followed by a grueling fitness program to bring the immune system back up to normal, repeated over and over again until the patient is either cured or dead. It's an all encompassing life changing philosophy, as much mental as physical, holding true to the ideal that the human spirit and a person's will power can overcome any obstacle-- even terminal cancer.

When several doctors tell twenty-eight year old Denise Evans that her cancer is terminal, she turns to Doctor David Hardtman for a miracle. Hardtman examines her file and decides that his aggressive treatment program just might work-- but only if Denise is prepared for the agonizing fitness routine and an enormous amount of physical and mental pain.

Of course not everyone agrees with Hardtman's offensive approach. He's in the middle of a malpractice law suit that cuts to the core of his medical practice-- a patient's life was shorted because his treatment program was too aggressive.

Meanwhile, Denise, a care free, live for the moment, "daddy's" girl who's never had a day of hardship in her entire life, struggles through the first treatment of chemotherapy. But Hardtman starts to impresses upon her the importance of becoming a masochist, and she starts to change him too, showing him how to slow down and enjoy the moment, something he hasn't had time for as a workaholic.

Denise's treatment increases, the court battle intensifies, and Hardtman starts to fall in love with his only patient: Denise. Finally, Hardtman emerges victorious in court, but Denise falls into a relapse. But now she's ready for the final battle with the deadly cancer-- she's a hard-core masochist ready to embrace the pain in an all out struggle for her life.

"WE'VE GOT TONIGHT" is the story of an obdurate struggle as two people try to find love in the fleeting last few moments of a young woman's life, while locked in a bitter fight with their inner-demons and terminal cancer. It's the indifferent universe verse the human will, a battle against nihilism, but the indomitable human will triumphs.