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One Long Night In Vegas (Comedy / Dramedy)

Log Line

One Long Night In Vegas is the story of five guys who wind their way through Vegas enjoying everything Sin City has to offer.

Script Info

Script Type: Feature
Genre: Comedy / Dramedy
Length: 110 pages
Est. Budget: Less than $1M

Screenplay Synopsis

"You want the secret to a great golf game?" Mr. Ansel says to a captive audience of five late twenties guys as he lines up for a shot. "Lower your expectations." Mr. Ansel swings and hits a solid shot down the fairway unintentionally imparting knowledge not so much on golf, but on life.

Five college friends brought together by ones Vegas wedding. Curtis drives a Hummer and picks up on nineteen-year old girls to compensate for his small penis and insecurities about being a trust fund baby. Tim enjoys beef jerky, prostitutes, a good party and is a Zen master at enjoying the moment. Jason is a good Kerouacian drunk who would not allow himself to be happy even if presented the opportunity. Lloyd got his mom's best friend pregnant when he was seventeen, stole a car, has home made tattoos and now has a respectable job and is marrying a woman he loves. Emory is a neurotic, cynical, pessimistic Jewish father of two whose wife allowed him $10 to spend on his big night out in Vegas.

The five "Dark Horses" wind there way through Vegas enjoying everything Sin City has to offer. From golf to gambling to buffets to strip clubs to prostitutes and everything in between, it's some of the best life has to offer, but somehow, it's not enough.

One Long Night In Vegas is an edgy comedy about arriving where you always knew you would, and it not being quite what you expected.