Screenplay Log Lines

Black BladeBlack Blade is an action packed, kick-ass martial arts screenplay about a special ops agent / modern day ninja who, after being betrayed by his crew, must revenge his family’s death, stop a lethal biological weapon from being unleashed, and discover the secret behind the fabled ‘Black Blade,’ an ancient ninja sword he inherited from his ninja father. [read full synopsis]

CombinationsCombinations is the story of two high school students, an outcast and an outsider, who steal the school’s locker combinations. What started as a simple prank turns into a school wide panic. [read full synopsis]

Eight Hundred GrandEight Hundred Grand is a “hard-boiled” noir mystery set against the seedy backdrop of Las Vegas. Hired to solve a seemingly simple missing person case, detective Mike Fiske finds himself involved with something much more complicated– and with a religious zealot, corrupt cops, champion boxers on the take, and a powerful, psychopathic casino owner. [read full synopsis]

Family of Cannibals – Lured into a remote forest, two brothers are captured by a deranged family of super Christian cannibals and must escape before they are eaten one limb at a time. [read full synopsis]

Irrefutable EvidenceIrrefutable Evidence is a classic film noir about a quiet insurance man who falls for the wrong woman– a dead client’s wife, and finds himself trapped in a murderous web spun by his own limitations and inabilities. [read full synopsis]

JealousyJealousy is corporate thriller about a spiteful young lawyer who gets passed over for a promotion, becomes consumed by jealousy, and conceives of a heinous plan to exact revenge on his boss. [read full synopsis]

Josh Taylor’s Prom DateJosh Taylor’s Prom Date is the story of four high school seniors who are sick of being the butt of the jock’s jokes, so they make a wager with the jocks; “who can get the hottest date to the prom?” It’s the gross-out teen humor of an American Pie with the underdog heart of Revenge of the Nerds. [read full synopsis]

Lynda Flynn – When an up-and-coming YouTuber meets a pre-law student they hit it off immediately, but their strong opposing personalities begin to clash, he’s super logical and career minded while she’s intuitive and wants to enjoy life, and they struggle to make their relationship work. Think Annie Hall but with a modern, Millennial sensibility. [read full synopsis]

Man and Woman and Woman and Woman and Another Woman – After her boyfriend cheats on her, a young woman seeks revenge on the man responsible, a misogynistic best selling author who teaches men how to successfully cheat on their girlfriends. [read full synopsis]

Mr. InappropriateMr. Inappropriate is a broad comedy about a directionless young man who’s life revolves around a series of inappropriate skits and pranks. On the eve of his thirtieth birthday his parents give him an ultimatum: “get a job and a wife or you’re out of the will.” So Mr. Inappropriate goes out looking for an inappropriate wife and an inappropriate job. [read full synopsis]

One Long Night In VegasOne Long Night In Vegas is the story of five guys who wind their way through Vegas enjoying everything Sin City has to offer. [read full synopsis]

Pornography, Prostitution, and the Third InputPornography, Prostitution, and the Third Input is a road/buddy/comedy about four young men who yearn for an adventure but find themselves caught up in the trappings of being twenty-something in the 21st century. Their call to adventure comes in the form of a weekend road trip to Nevada’s most infamous brothel– The Mustang Ranch. [read full synopsis]

Reservoir of CapacityReservoir of Capacity is the story of one man’s obsessive struggle to right the horrendous traffic problem along one stretch of freeway in Los Angeles. [read full synopsis]

Suicide Patrol – Imagine a not-too-distant future where science and technology have cured every disease, forcing society to create a task force to combat the new number one cause of death: suicide. After a promising young Los Angeles Suicide Patrol officer, renowned for his clean living and dedication to his job, descends into a hedonistic world of sex and drugs, he realizes he’s the subject of a horrendous botched science experiment and the focus of a conspiracy determined to destroy him. [read full synopsis]

The Meaning of High ArtThe Meaning of High Art is the story of a struggling artist who finally manages to sell a few of his paintings, only they’re ones he did as a joke while drunk. It’s a Shavian look at what it takes to make it as an artist– talent, perseverance, even a little luck, but most importantly a shrewd business sense. [read full synopsis]

The Meat Cleaver Massacre – On her senior retreat a God-loving virgin befriends a serial killer who helps her teach a lesson to the mean girls who tormented her: that “Thou Shalt Not Kill” does not apply to bitches!
[read full synopsis]

The Pinch – When a low level mobster is nearly rubbed out by the boss, he decides to take the bonus he was promised by force, so he kidnaps the boss and demands a hefty ransom. It’s a limited location mob action thriller: Think Goodfellas meets Misery. [read full synopsis]

The Rideshare Killer – The young female CEO of a new ridesharing app must stop a serial killer who’s using the app to lure victims into his car, before he destroys the company and kills her entire technology team. It’s Scream meets The Social Network with a host of sexy young technologists. [read full synopsis]

The Unnatural – Born with absolutely zero athletic ability, a young man refuses to give up on his dream of becoming a professional baseball player; so he gets a job at a minor league ballpark as the hot dog vendor, worms his way onto the field as an assistant trainer, uses his unique baseball insight to help the players win, and eventually earns an at-bat in a season ending game. [read full synopsis]

Transgenic – With his son in dire need of a heart transplant, a desperate father turns to a deranged scientist who grows human organs in animals, only the animals are a terrifying assortment of grotesque cross species monsters that are almost human, and he must ultimately decide between saving his son or killing a man made beast with human like intelligence. [read full synopsis]

Twenty-Two Million Stolen Dollars – After a bank robber is killed in a remote hotel, a down-on-her-luck hotel maid decides to find the stolen twenty-two million dollars before the FBI and a hard-core greedy grifter find it first. [read full synopsis]

We’ve Got TonightWe’ve Got Tonight is a hard edged medical drama about a masochistic oncologist who specializes in the treatment of patients who other doctors have diagnosed as terminal and given up on. His controversial treatment, although extremely painful and often times fatal, is the last chance for his dying patients. [read full synopsis]