Pornography, Prostitution, and the Third Input

Pornography, Prostitution, and the Third Input is a comedy about four young men (The Dark Horses) who yearn for an adventure but find themselves caught up in the trappings of being twenty-something in the early part of the 21st century. Their call to adventure comes in the form of a weekend road trip to the infamous Mustang Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

The Dark Horses are: PETER THOMPSON, a nine to fiver with a stable, yet stale relationship to his girlfriend of four years, SHELLY ANDERSON, a masochistic writer forced to sell out in order to survive, BOB HANEY, a passive fellow who plugs away at his no brainer job as a security guard, waiting for his dream girl, and MARK MCCORMICK, a pot head who recently got fired from his menial job.

After an uneventful Friday night of watching pornos, hitting on a few “chicks” at a local bar, and an aborted attempt to proposition a stripper, the guys call a “massage therapists,” to get “two girls to massage each other” while they watch. When the lesbian love scene fails to materialize the frustrated “horses” gallop off to the world renowned brothel, The Mustang Ranch.

What follows is a testosterone driven adventure through the mountains and desert of California and Nevada, past historic lakes and road side diners, into high rolling casinos and the most famous brothel in the world. And they meet a host of colorful characters: park rangers, gamblers, activists, an eighties rock band, and finally, the girls who work at the “Ranch.”

But reality eventually crashes in on them; having sex with a woman you don’t know can be a harrowing experience. Bob stays at The Silver Legacy food bar where he almost meets his dream girl, Pete realizes he loves his girlfriend, and Shelly has the most stilted, unpassionate sex of his very modest sex life. But Mark, always one to enjoy himself, fires up a bowl and checks out the backdoor, and has the time of his life.

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