Jealousy is the story of a spiteful young lawyer who gets passed over for a promotion, becomes consumed by jealousy, and conceives of a heinous plan to exact revenge on his boss. His plan is simple: poison his boss with jealousy by making him think his fiancee is having an affair with the lawyer who received the promotion. Jealousy is a modern day corporate thriller, and a neo-retelling of the timeless Shakespeare classic, “OTHELLO.”

Lawerance Washington is a talented Afro-American lawyer, and owner of his own thriving law practice. He’s currently involved in defending Techno Duties, a large computer systems company, from a hostile takeover. Through his involvement with Techno Duties, he has met, and secretly fallen in love with Gloria O’Neil, the daughter of one of the owners of Techno Duties.

Lawerance’s talent as a lawyer doesn’t extend into matters that involve emotion and feelings, and when he promotes Cas Williams to partner he underestimates the depth of Ian Merak’s resentment. Ian thinks he deserves the promotion. He absolutely doesn’t, but that doesn’t change the irrational way he feels.

Ian’s jealousy for Cas and hatred for Lawerance boils– into a heinous plan to make Lawerance think Gloria is having an affair with Cas. Ian sabotages Cas’ work on the Techno Duties case. Lawerance’s reaction to Cas’ apparent mistake is as unfeeling as his treatment of Ian, he throws Cas off the case and enlists Ian’s help. Ian tricks Cas into secretly talking to Gloria about being a go between for he and Lawerance. Ian makes sure Lawerance sees the illicit meeting. With suspicion aroused in Lawerance, Ian manipulates Cas into bragging about a recent affair with the secretary, and makes Lawerance think Cas’ boasting is about his conquest of Gloria. Ian keeps feeding the jealousy in Lawerance with additional clues that point toward a love affair between Cas and Gloria. In a final ploy Ian steals a gift that Lawerance gave Gloria and plants it on Cas. When Lawerance finds it, it confirms all of Lawerance’s unfound suspicions.

In an ironic twist, the owners of Techno Duties dismiss Lawerance and hire Ian to represent them– Lawerance can no longer perform as a lawyer he’s so infected with jealousy.

Lawerance confronts Gloria. When Lawerance demands that she admit her indiscretion she refuses, saying she won’t admit to anything she hasn’t done. Outraged by what he considers to be a terrible lie, Lawerance suffocates her. Cas and Ian’s girlfriend show up moments later and piece together Ian’s horrible plan, uncovering the full extent of his jealousy. Realizing he’s made a grave mistake, Lawerance plunges off the balcony to his death.

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